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Jon Moxley On His Cancelled Program With Mick Foley, Why He’s Happy It Didn’t Happen

Those with long memories may remember some words that circulated online between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose before the days of the Shield. Ambrose came up to Mick Foley during a function and stated that Mick was a “criminal” who was responsible for the ruined lives of an entire generation of would-be wrestlers emulating his hardcore style. (You can see some of that conversation preserved in a fan promo online) After some back and forth between the two on various sites, Dean debuted on the main roster alongside Rollins and Reigns, the discretion seemingly forgotten.

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Torch, the man now once again known as Jon Moxley states that talking to Foley was supposed to lead to his character’s WWE debut. “We started a little online war, it got some buzz. I wasn’t named at the time, so no one knew who I was. It turned out that Foley was injured in a way that ensured he could never wrestle again, so it didn’t happen.”

Moxley goes on to say that he had to sit on the shelf for a while before the Shield brought him into the company. Still, he wonders how his dream angle with the “Hardcore Legend” would have gone knowing what he knows now.

In my mind, it was the greatest angle of all time. I had all the promos in my head, I imagine Mick was the same way. If we had gotten together and come up with stuff… What would have happened, which I didn’t know at the time, I would have been handed a script and then reacted poorly. They would have seen that I had a bad attitude and said that I wasn’t a good fit. Right off the bat, they would have fired me.

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