wwe super showdown

WWE Super Showdown Results: Undertaker vs Goldberg, Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon, Rollins Prevents Brock From Cashing In

WWE Super Showdown Kickoff – The Usos vs. The Revival

Both teams trade chops before The Revival gains control, and Jimmy is set into the corner before kicking out of a pin attempt by Dawson. Dash tags in and takes some cheap shots while the ref deals with Jey on the apron, then Dawson gets back in and applies an abdominal stretch. Jimmy finally gets the tag after hitting Dash with a spinning heel kick, then Jey connects with a Samoan drop and splash in the corner for two. Jey nearly gets a pin but Dawson keeps the ref distracted, then they tag up and Dawson keeps talking trash to Jey. They attempt a backdrop but Jey floats over and Jimmy blind tags in, then he connects with a few superkicks and the Usos hit in stereo superkicks on Dash for the win.

Winners – The Usos

WWE Universal Championship – Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Rollins connects with an early dropkick, but Corbin suplexes Rollins on the ropes and stomps his injured ribs. Corbin connects with some body shots and continues to work over the injury on the mat. Corbin taunts the crowd and throws a few more shots, but Rollins sends Corbin outside and hits a topé into the announce table. Rollins sends him back outside on the opposite side of the ring and hits another dive, then heads up top but Corbin cuts him off and attempts a chokeslam. Rollins counters with a pin attempt for two, then Rollins goes for a superkick but Corbin sidesteps him and connects with an elbow to the head.

Corbin slams him down and gets a two count, then he flips out on the referee for a bad count and almost gets caught with The Stomp. Corbin counters with Deep Six, then he confronts the referee again and screams that the match could have / should have already been over. Corbin runs into a back elbow and falls outside, then he runs back in with a chair and the referee yells at him to stop. Corbin reluctantly throws the chair outside and goes back to screaming at the referee, but the ref finally has had enough and screams back, then Rollins rolls Corbin up and gets the three count to retain.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Corbin attacks Rollins after the bell and hits End Of Days, then Brock Lesnar comes to the ring with a steel chair, Paul Heyman, his Money In The Bank contract and a new referee. Lesnar winds up with the chair, but Rollins low blows Brock and picks up the chair and unloads on him with it. Rollins continues to hit Lesnar in the back with it over and over, taunting him about cashing in before asking Brock how it feels before hitting him a few more times. Brock tries to get up, but Rollins backs into the corner and Curb Stomps Brock’s head onto the briefcase, ending the segment without a cash-in. It was noted that Brock still has his contract as the match never started, and we see Brock looking vulnerable as he picks himself up and walks out with the briefcase.

Intercontinental Championship – Finn Balor (c) vs. Andrade

Balor gets an early pinfall, then blocks a DDT and hits a basement dropkick. Balor charges the corner and Andrade ends up outside, so Balor kicks him on the floor but ends up getting tripped up by Andrade on the apron. Andrade follows with a missile dropkick for two, then follows up with a few suplexes and drives his knee into Balor’s back. Balor makes a comeback when he sends Andrade to the floor before hitting a somersault splash. Balor kicks him in the head and throws a few chops in the corner, then Andrade counters an Irish whip and kicks Balor in the head. He goes for a DDT, but Balor counters with an inverted DDT and a spike driver for two. Balor hits Sling Blade, but Andrade comes back with a few strikes and a running double knee strike for two.

Andrade goes for a moonsault off the top and lands on his feet, then goes for another rotation but Balor gets the knees up to slow him down. Andrade goes for a sunset flip powerbomb off of the apron but Balor blocks it, then he whips him back in the ring and hits a double stomp to the back of the neck for two. Andrade comes right back with a seated double knee strike, but Balor kicks him in the head and heads up top. They fight for position on the turnbuckles and Andrade springboards up, but Balor sends him to the mat after a top rope DDT and hits the Coupe de Grace to retain.

Winner – Finn Balor