Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Val Venis Talks Al Snow Giving His Phone Number Out Live On RAW

Val Venis was recently asked what the funniest rib he ever saw was in professional wrestling. After some deep thought and pondering, he decided to share a personal experience that he encountered.

He said Al Snow put Val’s cell phone number on live RAW. Al was doing a vignette where he tried to find his dog Pepper and one day Venis was walking down the back hallway. Val heard Al Snow say “No, that is Val’s!” Upon Venis asking Al what he was talking about, Al replied with “Nothing I’ll tell you later.” Later on in the evening Val said he saw a monitor in the locker room and was watching as he waited to cool down and leave the arena.

Val noticed that his cell phone rang and the person on the other line asked if that was the number to call if he found Pepper. A lady then called a second time and said the same thing again. On the TV, Al put Val’s number live on the air to call if they found Pepper. Val said every single time he hung up the phone, it would immediately ring again. He shut off his phone and two hours later he turned it on and there was an immediate phone call. Val’s voicemail was full and he had to get a new phone number the next day.

You can see Val tell the story himself below.