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Al Snow: People Don’t Appreciate Just How Good Marty Jannetty Was

Al Snow has high praise for his former WWE tag team partner Marty Jannetty.

Former WWE Superstar Al Snow and comedian David Vox Mullen recently sat down with WrestleZone’s Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When Snow was asked if he was involved in the upcoming episode of Dark Side of the Ring on Marty Jannetty, Snow said he was and hoped that the show would show more about Jannetty than everyone sees on the surface.

“Yeah, they invited me to do an interview and stuff,” Al Snow confirmed. “I know it’s going to show Marty being Marty, but I also hope it shows a lot more appreciation and respect than what he has gotten over the years. So that was my tact in the interview was to try and show that Marty’s a lot more than what everyone sees on the surface.”

When asked if he could pinpoint anything specific that Jannetty taught him during their time together, Snow said that he couldn’t but did say that he was a wealth of knowledge and credited what Shawn Michaels turned himself into from his time with Jannetty.

“No, nothing in particular. Marty was a wealth of knowledge and experience,” Al Snow said. “I can tell you that I know for a fact Shawn Michaels would be a lot of what he learned because he came in after Marty, and they put him with Marty for Marty to help him, and they clicked. A lot of what Shawn is and what Shawn became, I think, is a testament to that influence from Marty.”

Focus On The Positive

Snow was a veteran of nearly 14 years when he teamed with Jannetty as the New Rockers in WWE. He still learned so much during that time and feels like Jannetty doesn’t get the credit that he deserves.

“I just started learning so many different things that I had no idea just being around him. That’s why I say I don’t think that Marty gets the credit and the respect that he deserves. He got surpassed by Shawn, but by no means do I think that it made Marty irrelevant.

“People are like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be the Marty Jannetty of the team.’ Look, if you were to be the Marty Jannetty of the team, that would be an incredible compliment for you to be considered that because I don’t think people appreciate just how good he was. That’s what I try to put focus on that Dark Side of the Ring.”

The season four finale of Dark Side of the Ring is titled “The World According to Marty Jannetty”. The episode will premiere on August 8.

You can check out the complete interview in the embedded video below:

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