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Dave Bautista Joins Sheamus On ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts,’ RJ City Makes Coffee (In Underwear) w/ Billy Gunn

Dave Bautista Joins Sheamus On ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

With Dave Bautista‘s new movie Stuber getting set to release here next month “The Animal” joined the resident wrestling workout machine, Sheamus on his “Celtic Warrior Workouts” series for some MMA Cardio Workout training.

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… Sometimes my job is a combination of working & working-out with colleagues who I also happen to be a massive fan of… case-in-point Dave Bautista aka The Animal Batista. Before my WWE career I watched this guy tearing-up the ring, and now he’s part of the Marvel Universe, I watch him tearing-up the big screen as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. So getting to do a Brave Change workout with Big Dave was awesome for so many reasons.

So much so, I took a ten hour drive from Nashville to Tampa to hook-up with The Animal who was on his first day back in the gym, getting-back into MMA with his coach Josh Rafferty. So the theme of our workout was Easing Back To The Gym After A Break which is a very important part of training no matter what the discipline. The the temptation to crush-it on your first day back at the gym after a prolonged break is the worst game plan ever. You gotta ease back into it, especially as you get older. Word to the wise kids, and all those in a rush to… Brave Change.

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RJ City Makes Coffee (In Underwear) w/ Billy Gunn

We go from MMA training to coffee ground straining as RJ City had a very special rendition of “RJ City Makes Coffee In His Underwear” as he tries to make peace with Billy Gunn after he was apparently snubbed by City last go-around. The AEW Producer joins RJ as “The One” made his way for a House Of Hardcore show in Ontario, CA. Not far off was Tommy Dreamer and Hornswoggle who both make cameos in their skivvies.