Social Round-Up: Ali Gets ‘Mustafa’ Back In His Name, RJ City Shares Coffee With Danhausen, AJ Lee Gets Fit


Good news for Ali, who will go by his full WWE name once more. Mustafa Ali will be the words uttered when commentary commences once more on WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Ali shared the news on Twitter and his profile has been updated on his WWE Superstar page:

Whether it’s mental or physical, AJ Lee is all about giving off a positive health vibe and after taking about a month hiatus from exercise, the former WWE star got back in the workout circuit. Lee went on Instagram to share her thoughts at getting back in the swing of exercise and took time to explain how good it is for an individual’s mental makeup.

The face of delirious glee after surviving my first real workout in over a month. Had to take a fitness break because my energy levels were low during a really long depressive cycle. It’s a totally normal, manageable part of my mental health experience, but I’m still learning to adjust to it. Depression makes it hard to find motivation, but the irony is exercise helps me recover and feel better. So I have to balance taking a restorative break with getting back into the gym for invigorating adrenaline and healing endorphins. If you’re feeling down, don’t rush yourself or beat yourself up. Just know when you’re ready, exercise can actually be a source of energy and comfort. AND muscle memory is legit cuz my abs were like “hiya buddy we’re still here, take your time girl” and I was like “thank you for your patience and resilience through all the comfort carbs lemme take a pic real quick” and then we high-fived but I really just smacked myself in the stomach.

Danhausen is quite wonderful in his wonderment and RJ City finds that out first hand as he attempts to conduct one of his “RJ Makes Coffee In His Underwear” clips with the man(hausen) who is “very nice and very evil.” City tries with the willpower of 30 Jack Paars to make the conversation run smoothly in his skivvies, but Danhausen happens to be one cat who is hard to read. The big question is, does he like Americanos? Find out below:

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Hiroshi Tanahashi is celebrating his 43rd birthday today and took to Twitter to let his fans know that “the laundry was dried.”

“I became 43 years old. It’s early. The laundry was dried.”

Talk about adding salt to the wound, Chris Jericho went on his Instagram to share the Lion Tamer he locked onto Cody this past Saturday before retaining his AEW World Title against “The American Nightmare.” He even made a Beatles reference in his dig which had to feel like hitting the pavement of Abbey Road.

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