Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Shane Thorne Isn’t Happy About NXT Breakout Tourney, Undisputed Era Feels Unstoppable

Shane Thorne Isn’t Happy About NXT Breakout Tourney

After William Regal announced that an 8-Man NXT Breakout Tournament would be taking place to allow newcomers to get a shot at a championship, some NXT superstars aren’t exactly excited. Shane Thorne is certainly one of those, and he recently interrupted a discussion on the topic to note that he isn’t pleased that “losers” are being thrown into championship contention.

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Undisputed Era Feels Unstoppable

The Undisputed Era has been feeling pretty great as of late, and after their latest match on NXT, the group stopped by to talk backstage. With Adam Cole reigning over NXT as its champion, the group itself is feeling unstoppable, and ready for the next opportunity.