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Bobby Fish: Undisputed Era Were Nicknamed ‘Hunter’s Horsemen’ By Some In WWE

Bobby Fish still believes there was more gas in the tank of the Undisputed Era when the company separated them.

Former WWE NXT Superstar Bobby Fish recently sat down with Lewis Carlan of PWMania to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what it was like working under Triple H in WWE, Fish spoke fondly about the time and revealed that there were some people in the company who referred to Undisputed Era as Hunter’s Horsemen backstage.

“I’ve made no secret about how fond I am and was of the time that we spent working for Hunter. Vince McMahon’s name was on the checks. But when we were working for NXT, Hunter and Shawn Michaels, they were the guys. They were the coaches that we played for. I will liken it to that because of my years playing football in high school and in college.

“And that being such a big part of my life. There were coaches I had over the years that I wanted to play for. As much as I wanted to play well for myself, I wanted to play well for them too. And I kind of liken it to that, working under Hunter and Shawn. We would come through the curtain and we were kind of, I don’t want to say they’re their project but we were their guys, we were Hunter’s. Some people nicknamed us Hunter’s Horsemen.

“I take such pride in that because I was a fan of the same timeframe, as Hunter and Shawn from a pro wrestling standpoint, the NWA, the Crockett years, with the Horsemen, and the War Games and all of those things. So to think that all these years later, two guys being at the helm, in Hunter and Shawn, and what they created, I’m sure had influence of those years that they were fans.

“So for them to bring back the War Games, and for us to be this group of four you know, best friends thick as thieves. And that was legit, you know, in the vein of the Horsemen, in the vein of DX, to be able to include us in a sentence with those two names in it and then to become synonymous with the reintroduction of the War Games as it became to be known with NXT.

“If somebody had explained that to me, when I first got into pro wrestling as a career, I would have said, ‘You’re crazy.’ For all of that to play out the way that it did. I couldn’t be prouder of that time spent working underneath minds that understand s**t about this business that some people will never grasp. Sure. So it was quite the learning to be under.”

When asked if he was disappointed that Undisputed Era never got a WWE main roster run, Fish said he was just disappointed it ended when it did because he felt there was more gas in the tank for that group.

“I’m just disappointed that there was more gas left in the tank for us and it doesn’t really matter where that would have been, whether it be Raw or Smackdown or continued to be NXT or anywhere else,” Bobby Fish said. “There was gas left in that tank, and there’s still gas left in that tank. Anything I do now independently it’s what people talk about, the Undisputed Era stuff, reDRagon, how’s Adam, Kyle, Roddy? And like I said before, it worked and it resonates with people.

“I think it will always hold a place for fans, because it was real, it was not something that was manufactured. Hunter was smart enough to see these four idiots who kind of stuck together and said, “Well, s**t, let’s slap a name on that and let’s do something with it.” He just has a brilliant mind. He took advantage of something and it really gave us an opportunity to live a life that probably the four of us didn’t deserve.

When asked if there were any differences working under Triple H and Tony Khan, Fish said they are definitely different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses..

“Definitely different. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Just is what it is, you know, just different,” Bobby Fish said. “It’s just definitely, definitely different. I enjoyed working for both people. I enjoyed my time immensely.

“Like I said earlier in the interview, I’m not done with wrestling, that from a standpoint of there’s more that I want to do. But I’m pretty friggin happy with the life that this kid from upstate New York, barely five foot nine, life and the career that I’ve been blessed with, I count myself a pretty lucky dude.”

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