Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (6/21/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

June 21, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Tessa Blanchard vs. Jake Crist 

Blanchard is all over Crist. Crist pushes Blanchard away. Blanchard destroys Crist with a cutter. Crist falls out of the ring. Blanchard lands three suicide dives. Blanchard dives off the top but Crist hits her in the gut. Crist sends Blanchard into the corner. Crist beats Blanchard down in the corner. Blanchard tries to fight out of the corner. Crist puts her in an octopus hold. Blanchard eventually escapes. Blanchard eventually gets the win after Magnum.

Winner- Tessa Blanchard

oVe hits the ring and Blanchard dips out of the ring. Callahan berates Crist. Blanchard tells Callahan to bring it.

Eddie Edwards hits the ring and takes out every member of oVe.

Eddie Edwards vs. Madman Fulton

The match starts during the break. Fulton and Edwards battle outside the ring. Fulton chokeslams Edwards on the apron. Fulton dead drop suplexes Edwards. Fulton beats down Edwards. Fulton almost powerbombs Edwards over the top. Edwards holds on and counters into a ranna. Edwards gets a near fall after a blue thunder bomb. Edwards pulls a kendo stick from under the ring. Killer Kross appears on screen and waterboards the Sandman. Fulton hits his finisher on Edwards for the win.

Winner- Madman Fulton

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