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Paco Alonso, Owner Of CMLL, Passes Away At Age 67

CMLL announced the tragic news that the promotion’s longtime owner and icon in world of pro wrestling, Francisco Paco Alonso Lutteroth, passed away on Saturday.

Alonso began running CMLL back in 1987, taking it over from his uncle Salvador “Chavo” Lutteroth Jr. back when it was still called the EMLL and had a huge influence on the popularity of the company by utilizing such top stars as Konnan (making him the first champion under the CMLL name) and more recently Mistico. Alonso also managed to broker relationships with other worldwide promotions that included New Japan Pro-Wrestling (who once had a standing relationship with the rival AAA promotion), ROH & Rev Pro.

Alonso was known to keep out of the public eye and did not do any public interviews, but his influence in Mexico is forever indelible since he began as a major player in the company as far back as 1975. (h/t to Dave Meltzer)

An emotional Chris Jericho shared a video paying immense tribute to Alonso, stating that he was the man who gave him his first big break in wrestling and even bestowed the Corazon de Leon (Lion Heart) moniker on him.

We here at WrestleZone would like to extend our deepest condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Paco Alonso at this time.

UNTIL ALWAYS SR. FRANCISCO ALONSO LUTTEROTH – With deep regret, we report the death of Mr Francisco Alonso Lutteroth, President of the World Wrestling Council on Saturday, July 6, 2019.

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