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MJF Wants NBA’s Enes Kanter To Stick To Playing With His ‘Little Balls,’ Sheamus Works Out With Heavy Machinery

MJF Wants Enes Kanter To Stick To Playing With His ‘Little Balls’

NBA Star Enes Kanter has been moonlighting from time to time in the squared circle and one snob who wants the basketball player to  steer clear of the ring (and him) is MJF, particularly when the Burberry Baddie ships his way up to Boston for the upcoming AEW show airing on TNT. Kanter has been going under the guise of “The Turkish Delight” and has channeled his inner DDP & Karl Malone tandem by delivering one fine Diamond Cutter to an opponent. MJF however, could give a damn and stated as such on Twitter.

Cool let’s go to the most overhyped city in the world.

Speaking of overhyped, @EnesKanter

I saw you playing wrestler on my feed.

How about you stick to playing with your little balls and leave the wrestling to the pros.

Or show up oct 9th so i can “bounce” your ass out.


Kanter however, pulled a Conor McGregor on Friedman and questioned who the pretty boy is exactly.

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Sheamus Works Out With Heavy Machinery

Sheamus was more than ready to go “blue collar” on Celtic Warrior Workouts as he’s joined by Tucker & Otis for a mean upper body workout on the latest episode:

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… WWE Tag Team powerhouses Otis (Dozer) & Tucker go by the name Heavy Machinery, and just like a pair of Bulldozers they sure can shift a hell of a lot of weight (and steaks!). I caught up with these two crazy cats in Memphis for an Upper Body Massacre workout and was quite surprised to find-out they take their training very serious. I mean, it’s not just about pumping iron for these two, they don’t touch weights without first rolling-out & activating their muscle groups.

But despite the scientific approach to exercise Dozer & Tucky are probably the most fun I’ve ever had during a workout. Non stop jokes without letting-up on the weight training… Even Mandy Rose would be impressed! Great to see these two old school characters in the WWE, they’re gonna have a lot of success in the coming years and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two beefcakes! Steaks and weights and… Brave Change.