ROH Summer Supercard Results (8/9/19)

ROH Summer Supercard Results

August 9, 2019

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Villain Enterprises (PCO and Brody King) vs. The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia)

Ian Riccaboni recaps the rivalry between the Kingdom and the Bouncers, who are sitting at ringside. PCO and O’Ryan start the match and a slam takes O’Ryan down. King tags in and chops O’Ryan in the corner. Marseglia enters the match and trades strikes with King. A clothesline drops Marseglia and PCO tags in but the Kingdom gangs up on the French Frankenstein. O’Ryan gouges PCO’s eye and the Kingdom continues to isolate PCO.

Marseglia digs his thumb into PCO’s eye and maintains control of the match. O’Ryan drops PCO with a suplex but the big man pops back up and tags King. The momentum of the match turns when King clears house. PCO tags back in and both men take the Kingdom down with dives to the outside. PCO floors O’Ryan with a pop-up powerbomb but Marseglia breaks up the pin. PCO accidentally dives onto King and hurls some harsh words at the Bouncers. PCO kicks out after a diving headbutt and King drops O’Ryan with a Gonzo Bomb. The French Frankenstein wins with a diving moonsault.

Winners: Villain Enterprises

The Kingdom confront the Bouncers after the match. Brawler Milonas smashes a beer over O’Ryan’s head and the teams brawl until security separates them.

PJ Black vs. Silas Black

Rhett Titus joins the commentators ahead of the this match. Young comes to the ring in street clothes and says he’s not ready to wrestle tonight but it’s for a good reason. After insulting a fan, he eventually gets to the point. He walks out on the match because he feels like he doesn’t need to compete.

Black still wants to wrestle tonight so he issues an open challenge. Marty Scurll answers the call and comes to the ring.

PJ Black vs. Marty Scurll

Black uses his quick offense to keep Scurll off his toes. A springboard crossbody gets Black a near fall. The Darewolf grounds the Villain, suplexes him and maintains control. Black continues to grind Scurll down with some stretches and holds. A hurricanrana from the top rope and a diving moonsault continue Black’s hot start to the match. Scurll counters another dive with a German suplex.

Black gets rocked with a superkick and Scurll takes control. A tornado DDT gets the Villain a two count. Scurll plants Black with a powerbomb for another near fall. Black hits a C4 for another two count. Black nails a beautiful springboard moonsault for yet another near fall. Scurll blocks an attempt at a second one but Black rocks him with a superkick. The Villain wrenches Black’s finger and snaps it. The two men exchange pin attempts and a Black Plague gets Scurll the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll

Colin: This match was a good example of how open challenges can work. The initial match of Black vs. Young would have been good but Scurll is more of a star player. The Villain complements Black’s skill set and the two men added some needed energy to the show. 

ROH Women of Honor World Championship: Kelly Klein (c)  vs. Tasha Steelz 

A video package recaps the road to this match and how Steelz earned this opportunity. Steelz and Klein shake hands to start the match. The women counter each other’s every move early on but Klein gains control and briefly grounds Steelz. A clothesline knocks the challenger back down. Steelz takes the champion down with a hurricanrana but a big boot gives the momentum back to Klein. A forearm rocks Klein and a dropkick knocks her onto the apron and down to the floor. Steelz doesn’t completely hit a dive to the outside and Klein rocks her with a knee to the head.

Both women trade strikes until a modified DDT and a fallaway slam give Klein the momentum. A Saito suplex drops Steelz on her head. A high German suplex spikes Steelz again for a near fall. Steelz locks in a sleeper hold but Klein fights out of it. Klein gets the win with a fireman’s carry slam.

Winner: Kelly Klein

After the match, Klein raises the challenger’s hand. Angelina Love attacks both women after the match. Love hits both of them with a Botox Injection. She raises the title over Klein after the match.

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