ROH Death Before Dishonor
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ROH Death Before Dishonor Results (9/12/21)

ROH Death Before Dishonor Results 

September 12, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for

Hour One

The show begins with a 10-bell salute for the passing of Shannon “Daffney” Spruill.

In a video package, Bandido, Demonic Flamita, Brody King and EC3 hype their four-way title bout; they all vow to win. The broadcast team then runs through the card and discusses the main event.

Honor Rumble for a future shot at the ROH World Championship

Brian Johnson kicks off the match as the first entrant and cuts a promo about how he’ll show everyone that it’s “Mecca vs. Everybody”, especially in his hometown. Johnson and Milonas square off, but the third entrant is the other half of The Bouncers, Beer City Bruiser. The Bouncers gang up on “The Mecca”, and the next entrant, Danhausen comes to the ring. Danhausen hits The Bouncers low, but they slam him to the mat.

Caprice Coleman takes his shirt off at the commentary table and enters the bout.

He takes the fight to The Bouncers and Johnson. He then drops Danhausen with a Coleman Cutter. Coleman shows off some impressive strength by clotheslining Bruiser over the ropes to eliminate him. Sledge enters the bout while Coleman eliminates Milonas. Johnson eliminates Coleman, but Sledge slams him when he enters the bout. Johnson gets kicked out of the ring, and he brawls with PCO when the monster comes to the ring. PCO drops Johnson with a big boot. Black and Johnson take the fight to Sledge and PCO while Dak Draper enters the bout.

Draper takes the fight to PCO and Sledge. Silas Young runs to the ring and floors Danhausen with a clothesline, and Danhausen barely avoids elimination. Draper dumps Sledge out of the ring when he goes for a big boot. Rey Horus enters the match with a flurry of offense. Dante Caballero comes to the ring and drops Young and Black with two kicks. Johnson tosses Danhausen out of the ring, and Black briefly tries to eliminate his student. PCO suffers an electrical shortage and sends himself tumbling over the ropes to eliminate himself. Flip Gordon enters the match with some throwback gear, the same kind he wore in his early days in ROH. Joe Keys enters the bout and temporarily teams up with Caballero before they start fighting each other.

Keys and Caballero blast Gordon with a double superkick when he throws up a “Too Sweet.” World Famous CB comes to the ring and takes the duo down with a double dropkick. Draper eliminates Caballero and Keys. The final entrant is Alex Zayne, and he gets a warm welcome from the crowd. He eliminates Draper with a hurricanrana over the ropes. Johnson drops Zayne with a stun gun. Horus sends CB packing, but Johnson tosses Horus out. The final four competitors are Gordon, Black, Johnson and Zayne. Gordon and Zayne trade some fast-paced offense. Johnson drops Gordon with two clotheslines, but Gordon throws him over the ropes. Black, Zayne and Gordon battle, and Zayne brings both men down with a hurricanrana. Gordon goes crashing to the outside, so the match comes down to Zayne and Black.

Black crashes to the floor during a crossbody attempt, so Zayne wins the bout.

Winner: Alex Zayne

Quinn McKay comes to the stage after a video package for the women’s division. She discusses the ROH Women’s World Championship Tournament. Maria Kanellis-Bennett shares her excitement for the show and her pride in the tournament. She thanks everyone who came before her and blazed the trail for women’s wrestling. She says that no matter who wins, she’d put her champion against anyone, regardless of any “door.”

Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams of The Foundation run into ROH World Champion Bandido backstage and wish him well in his match.

Kenny King insults Shane Taylor Promotions and hypes up LFI’s bout against the trio later tonight.

Main Card:

Daltion Castle vs. Eli Isom

The match picks up quickly, and Isom dives onto Castle outside the ring. Isom is fired up, and he sends Castle into the barricade before he suplexes him in the ring. The presence of The Boys at ringside doesn’t initially help Castle, but he rallies with a suplex of his own. The former ROH World Champion drills Isom with a running knee that sends him crashing to the floor. Back in the ring, Castle grounds Isom and slams him to the mat when he tries to rally. Isom rallies and clotheslines Casle; he then drops his foe with a neckbreaker. Dak Draper, who had been a guest on commentary, comes to ringside and pulls Castle out of the ring. Isom responds by diving onto The Boys, as Draper pulls Castle out of the way.

To remove Draper from the equation, Isom kicks him below the belt. Castle capitalizes on the distraction with The Bang-a-rang, after Isom counters one attempt, for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Jake Atlas vs. Rust Taylor

The two opponents square off and trade holds. Rust traps Atlas in an ankle lock, but he escapes. They continue to feel each other out, and Atlas chops Rust. By targeting Atlas’ arm, Rust controls the match for a minute, but Atlas blasts Rust with some stiff strikes. Rust kicks Atlas’ arm and blasts him with elbows to the shoulder. A nasty arm-breaker earns Atlas a close two count. Atlas has no choice but to tap out when Rust puts Atlas in a Kimura Lock.

Winner: Rust Taylor

The broadcast team reveals that both men will compete on ROH TV in the coming weeks.

Violence Unlimited (Chris Dickinson, Homicide and Tony Deppen) vs. Lee Moriarty, LSG and John Walters

The Philadelphia crowd gives Deppen a warm welcome, and plenty of fans are holding “Sign Tonny Deppen” signs. Homicide and Walters start the bout, and the ROH veteran controls the bout with a head-lock that Homicide struggles to escape. Dickinson and LSG tag in and trade ankle locks. Deppen and Moriarty tag in, and the new AEW signing showcases his remarkable offensive style. He locks in an abdominal stretch and puts Dickinson in one when he tries to interfere. Homicide rakes Moriarty’s back, but Moriarty stretches him, too. Walters puts Homicide and Deppen in a double submission, buy Dickinson breaks it up.

Homicide and Walters trade blows, and a lung-blower leaves the former ROH World Champion down. LSG chops Dickinson and drops him with a kick. Moriarty gets a two count on Dickinson, and LSG drops him with Rocket-By-Baby. Deppen hits a stiff knee to the face on LSG, but Moriarty dives onto Homicide.

A springboard clothesline floors Dickinson. Walters traps Homicide and Dickinson in a double Muta Lock, but Deppen breaks it up. Everyone is down, and the match resets. Moriarty and Dickinson trade blows.

Homicide dives onto his opponents outside the ring, and Dickinson pins Moriarty with a Spicolli Driver.

Winners: Violence Unlimited

The losing team argues after the bout, but The Foundation comes to the ring to stop it. Jay Lethal says it’s been a long time since there’s been a ROH pay-per-view without him on it. But he says watching so many talented wrestlers excites him about the future. He puts over Eli Isom and points to the Women’s World Championship Match as something to be excited bout. He shakes hands with LSG and calls Walters a legend. Lethal then shakes hands with Moriarty and says he wishes the AEW signee could be part of the ROH Pure Division. He names some of the greatest “pure” wrestlers in history like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles while many members of the ROH roster stand on the stage.

He states that the wrestling world is doing “pretty damn good”, but it’s time for “pure” wrestling to prevail. Lethal passionately says we love professional wrestling and notes that pure wrestling is not new; it’s been here for a long time. Lethal says no matter what company you’re in, the pure division is thriving here in ROH.

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