Ivelisse Talks Involvement In The AEW Battle Royal, Gaining Momentum & Goals In Wrestling

Ivelisse recently spoke with WrestleZone editor-in-chief Bill Pritchard before she steps in the ring with Diamante at Ladies Night Out 7 on August 17 at The Booker T World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. Ivelisse talks about her involvement in the Casino Battle Royal at All Elite Wrestling‘s All Out and what she continues to grind for during her ongoing career and much more.

Last week, Ivelisse was announced as one of the three confirmed names to appear in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out, along with Jazz and Teal Piper. She said she can’t wait to get a shot at coming one step closer to the AEW women’s title and noted Jazz as someone she’s excited to step in the ring with, calling her “incredible” and “a very huge inspiration” in her own career.

“I’m really happy to be a part of it. I mean, again, like day one since I started on this journey of pro wrestling, my number one goal has always been to do whatever I possibly can to contribute towards those changes for women wrestling in any way to shine light on it and to just prove that we are worthy of just as much as respect as the male counterpart. It’s to debut of the women’s championship and all that so I’m pretty excited about that and the whole thing with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was pretty cool too.”

Ivelisse has been featured in Lucha Underground the past several years and was recently released from her contract, in addition to dealing with various injuries. She says she hopes with this new platform given to her by AEW, she can find some new momentum and take her spot at the top of women’s wrestling.

“Well I’ve gone through a lot of different things. A lot of ups and downs. It’s pro wrestling, it comes with it, you know? Unfortunately—at least in the recent years—I’ve been dealing with injuries and just kind of being stuck in contracts and stuff like that, but I’ve done everything possible to remain focused and keep my head up.

This year has been so different. I would say like the last three years, like dealing with injuries and dealing with like a bunch of other stuff—politics,  stuff like that. Now this year I’m just so grateful, I’m so happy that I managed to keep myself level-headed enough to now finally start changing that momentum and trying to solidify myself at the top of women’s wrestling and that’s my goal. Slowly but surely, I am grinding it out to just get back on the top of women’s wrestling and just keep contributing because I’ve literally given half of my life to this because this is my life. The passion that I have for it speaks for itself, and this is my life. I just don’t see anything else having my all.”

Ivelisse had previously praised Lucha Underground for their elevation of the Latino community and Latinos. One of All Elite Wrestling’s selling points has been that the company is for “everyone”, and Ivelisse says it’s good to see another promotion like AEW working to make sure everyone in the wrestling spectrum is well-represented.

“That has also been a huge thing for me as well that I represent as well, everywhere I go. Obviously for, pushing for as a female for women should receive respect as well and I also have been a very big advocate for my heritage as well, the Latin community and I represent that with pride everywhere I go as well and the fact, so far what I’ve seen with AEW is really refreshing and comforting and I really do see like how they focus on what you said, like being for everybody and that feels amazing. So I’m really excited to also contribute to that as well.”

Ivelisse will appear at Reality Of Wrestling / Title Match Wrestling’s Ladies Night Out 7 this weekend where she will take on Diamante in a first time ever match. Following her appearances next week at Shine 60 and All Out on August 31, Ivelisse said she has a few more things coming up but they have to be announced at a later date, and fans will have to “stay tuned.”

Check out the full interview, including her thoughts on facing Diamante, what is so inspiring for her about Trish Stratus and more.

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