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Sasha Banks To Join Jerry Lawler In His ‘King’s Court’ Tonight On WWE RAW

Sports Illustrated‘s Justin Barrasso has shared in an article this morning that Sasha Banks will appear on a segment of “The King’s Court” with Jerry Lawler tonight on RAW. Sasha returned to WWE last week on the flagship program after not being seen since WrestleMania 25 when her and Bayley lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to The IIconics. Quotes from Lawler about tonight’s segment are below:

“Sasha is a very unique star,” said Lawler. “There is no denying her talent, and she’s so different than so many of the other female talents I’ve known in this business. Sasha has a lot of great qualities that have led to her success. She is so confident, and when she steps on screen, she’s also so flamboyant and arrogant. Last week opened up a lot of questions between Sasha, Nattie, and Becky, so it will be a great moment to hear an explanation from Sasha.”

“Sasha Banks reminds me a lot of Randy Savage,” said Lawler. “They both share that unwavering tunnel vision, dead set on success, and not intimidated by anything or anyone because their goal is to get to the top.”

“But honestly, even with the similarities, I’m not sure that Sasha wants to be compared to anyone. She wants people to know she’s the first-ever Sasha Banks, a character you’ll never forget.”

Banks’ appearance will breathe new life into “The King’s Court,” and her return adds an entirely new element to the women’s division.

“Our audience wants to hear from Sasha, they want to get into her mind,” said Lawler. “We’ll find out what she was thinking and why she did what she did last week on Raw.”

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