Impact Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (8/30/19)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

August 30, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Golden Magic vs. Trey vs. Taurus vs. TJP

Magic takes out Taurus with an Asai moonsault. Golden Magic lands a pair of cutters on Trey and TJP. Golden Magic rannas Trey off the top rope. Trey lands on TJP. Taurus double stomps Golden Magic to break up the pin. Taura clears the ring. Taurus hits the Bitter End on Golden Magic for a near fall. TJP takes out Taurus and Golden Magic. TJP puts Trey in a sharpshooter and Golden Magic in a modified abdominal stretch. Taurus breaks it up.

Taurus reverses a double suplex attempt by Golden Magic and TJP into a suplex of his own. Taurus walks the ropes and lands a corkscrew splash on Golden Magic. Taurus blasts Golden Magic with a gut buster. TJP puts Taurus in a heel hook. Golden Magic 450 splashes Trey on the other side of the ring for the win!

Winner- Golden Magic

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