Photo Credit: Matthew Goldberg

Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive WWE Elite Undertaker as Kane (Photos)

Today we take a look at the latest Ringside Collectibles Exclusive, WWE Elite Undertaker as Kane! This is an awesome, unique figure based on this iconic moment from the Attitude Era.

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The Packaging

The packaging on this figure is beautiful and has collectors going crazy because of it! The box has a unique shape and is designed to look like Kane’s mask. Both eye holes are open windows, displaying both the removable mask and swappable head. The sides of the box display both classic Kane and Undertaker as Kane followed by an image of an unmasked Undertaker as Kane on the back while talking about the moment this is based on. The top of the box has the Ringside logo as well. There is also a sticker you peel off to open the front flap of the mask, showcasing the figure, mask/head and the Attitude Era Championship belt. This is by far some of the coolest packaging Mattel has done and is great for any mint collector! I recommend opening the box from the bottom should you choose to open the figure as it will keep the box most intact.

The Head Scans & Mask

The main head scan on this is nice. It’s a young Undertaker, I believe a new scan as well but I could be wrong, with his long hair slicked back. He has a somewhat confused look on his face with his eyes wide open while the black makeup is smeared all over his face. The rubber mask it comes with fits really snug over his face, which is great. The long hair of the mask covers his hair for the most part, too. For a rubber mask it fits pretty well and does not look weird as past Kane figures with this feature did a bit.

The other head that comes with it is the older masked Kane scan so you can have a masked Kane with long sleeves attire or just have an Undertaker as Kane that looks more realistic. The heads just pop off where you can swap them with ease if you’re new to the head swap feature.

The Attire & Accessories

The attire is the classic red and black masked Kane outfit. The main difference of this one to the past Attitude Era Elite Kanes is the fact this one has two long sleeves than just one. This was obviously to hide Undertaker’s tattoos at the time to keep him a mystery. The attire has rubber wrist gauntlets to create the illusion he really has his glove on and gauntlet on. There are some other designs that differentiate this one from the past Elites as well.

This figure also comes with swappable fist hands, both for the gloved hand and non-gloved hand. The main issue with the hands on this figure is the fact they have flesh colored pegs for the gloved hands, making it look like he’s got holes in his gloves when they should be black to match the rest of it.

Besides the hands it comes with the WWE Attitude Era Championship belt, but this time with a new paint scheme. It’s a somewhat dull, matte paint job, not a shiny gold plastic like before, with a bit of a shine to it, which honestly looks really nice. I’ll be curious if they make their future belts like this as it looks pretty nice.


At first I wasn’t quite as excited for this figure, but once I had it in my posession I really liked it a lot. The packaging is fantastic for a WWE action figure, great for display purposes, while the figure itself is also very nice. It’s like two figures in one, making me want to pickup a second one eventually to have both versions. The mask fits really well on the Undertaker head, which was surprising and impressive. Overall, I really like it a lot, the belt was another nice touch to it, and I would recommend it for any Attitude Era WWE fan. You can see my video review of it above as well if you’d like to see it closer.

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