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Stephan Bonnar Gives His Prediction For Ken Shamrock vs. Moose At Bound For Glory

Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam recently spoke with MMA great Stephan Bonnar as he readies himself for his Big Time Wrestling match against Tony Vargas in Las Vegas tonight.

Bonnar talked about his return to pro wrestling and the massive injection of MMA influence the sport has seen as of recent, but he also shared his thoughts on another big match set for this weekend, namely the Ken Shamrock versus Moose match at Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV. Bonnar is no stranger to either competitor, as he recently faced off with Moose at Victory Road, but still gives Shamrock the edge on Sunday night.

STEPHAN BONNAR: “So my prediction is Ken Shamrock is a friggin’ talk about black belt. He’s a master of pro wrestling. He started [in the] early ’90s actually doing pro wrestling before he got into MMA, because MMA wasn’t even invented yet and then he fell in love with MMA. Kind of a similar story to me, where, I mean he was first a pro wrestler—my mind I was a pro wrestler first—and then he became a fighter and then of course back to pro wrestling, then back to fighter. But prediction of that match, I mean, geez, “Mr. IMPACT” is Moose so he’s got the job with him, but is Shamrock gonna put Moose over? Ooo boy. I don’t know! He’s got a lot of heat going and I’m saying no, I’m saying that Shamrock…”

KELLAM: “You’re going with Shamrock in this thing?”

BONNAR: “Yeah, yup. He physically looks great.”

We’ll have plenty more from this chat on Wrestlezone soon. Bonnar will compete at BTW’s 23rd Anniversary Show tonight at Newark Pavilion, 6430 Thornton Ave in Newark, CA.

Scheduled to appear is former WWE Alum Fred Rosser (fka Darren Young), WWE Alum Chris Masters, UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar, BTW Heavyweight Champion Scotty Wringer, Tony Vargas, Shane Kody and more.

Bonnar is also scheduled to return to the ring at under UWFI Rules at Paradigm Pro Wrestling’s live show in Jeffersonville, Indiana on November 15th. Bonnar will compete against “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice.