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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Ace Austin Wins X-Division Championship In Competitive Ladder Match at BFG

At IMPACT! Wrestling Bound For Glory, Jake Crist defended the IMPACT! X-Division Championship in a ladder match against Tessa Blanchard, Daga, Ace Austin and Acey Romero. After a competitive match, despite Blanchard’s best efforts, Austin won the match and the title.

Early on, Austin showcased his high-flying ability and Romero overpowered Daga, who then dove to the outside onto Crist. Romero dove to the outside but Daga and Blanchard hit him with a ladder. Romero dropped Blanchard with a Samoan Drop. Crist hit Romero with a cutter off a ladder. Daga hit Crist with a Canadian Destroyer through a ladder. Blanchard sent Romero tumbling off a ladder and through a table. Dave Crist distracted Blanchard and Mad Man Fulton attacked her when she seemingly had the match won. Blanchard took down Fulton and sent Crist tumbling through another table. Austin hit Blanchard with a baton and unhooked the title to win the match.

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