YouShoot Screenshot Kayfabe Commentaries

Highspots Licenses Kayfabe Commentaries Content, Adding Entire Youshoot Library

The Highspots Wrestling Network just scored a big win in the evergrowing race for #content. A $10-a-month subscription service that features events from companies ranging from IWA Mid-South to Full Impact Pro to a whole host of ECW Fancams, Highspots has just entered into a partnership with Kayfabe Commentaries. This will give subscribers full access to their collection, which includes the popular Youshoot series of interviews and the retrospective Timeline series.

Highspots have added a sampling of the collection and claims that they’re adding videos “as fast as they can.” So, while the full collection isn’t up as of yet, it’s coming to the service in the very near future. Truly a value add for those hardcore fans who can’t get enough wrestling talk.

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