RJ City Thanksgiving
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Why The Wrestling World Should Be Thankful For RJ City

Many may think that turkey, football or even a fine, distinguished political discussion at the dinner table may bring one another closer to an estranged family member over the Thanksgiving holiday and for some of those drabby, drawn out get-togethers, that may be true. However, I’d be the first to argue that an evening of pro wrestling brings you and your cousin Jessie a little closer than just sharing a mutual disdainful scowl for her flunky husband Hank who never clears his throat as he downs his fourth helping of sweet potato pie. What also brings the family closer? A plethora of Don Knotts references, of course. Now this seems like a long gap to bridge, but believe me, there’s a way you can kill two Milton Berles with one stone. Just seek out RJ City.

Now RJ may not be giving a whole lot of thanks today considering he is a man of our neighbors up north, but that makes him more available to you on this Thanksgiving holiday. Bring a smile to that stern face of your Aunt Denise who happens to be on her last pack of Virginia Slims when she sees RJ’s mom attempting to paint Burgess Meredith’s full name on an Easter egg and nothing will wake your “half-in-the-bag” father from his trictaphan induced slumber swifter than RJ serenading Hacksaw Jim Duggan to the Golden Girls theme. This and more are all below for you here on this Thanksgiving evening. So corral that senile Uncle Tony, bring in that petulant niece of yours and sit them in front of your likely mobile device for some classics by RJ City. But first, a message from the man himself on what he is thankful for:

“I’m thankful that Charles Nelson Reilly is not alive to see the mire of mediocrity we are wallowing in, as I valiantly carry on his quest to raise the brow of the lowest entertainment.”

So he has and so he shall. Behold!

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