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Matt Hardy Dives Into Reincarnation In Latest Free The Delete, Watch The Fiend’s Entrance In Germany (Video)

Matt Hardy Dives Into Reincarnation

In the fourth episode of Matt Hardy’s Free The Delete YouTube series, Hardy continues to hear haunting voices from his alternate selves. He finishes construction on a “reservoir” for the Lake of Reincarnation and dives in right as the video concludes.

It’s rather notable that a piano version of Bray Wyatt’s theme song is playing in the background as Matt dives in. Does this mean that Hardy will be joining his Deleters of Worlds in the Firefly Fun House tonight on SmackDown? We’ll have to wait and see. You can see the full episode in the video below:

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Watch The Fiend’s Entrance In Germany

Speaking of the leader of the Fireflies, Bray Wyatt’s clownish alter-ego made his entrance in Germany during a WWE live event, and the WWE cameras were there to capture it. The Fiend wasn’t carrying his custom Bray Wyatt lantern for this bout, possibly due to it being away from the main stage of a PPV.