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NXT UK Results (1/2/20): Kassius Ohno In Action, Dragunov Vs. Wolfe

It’s the first NXT UK of a new year, and Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness are ready to call the action for another night. We’re just over two weeks away from NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, but there’s plenty of unfolding happenstance in the here and now.

  • Before the first bout, UK transplant Kona Reeves comes out to complain to the audience about their constant disrespect. Kona says he was jetlagged and unprepared for his match with Trent Seven several weeks back, but he’s ready for his current opponent, Dave Mastiff.

  • After some further trash talk from Kona, the match begins. Dave overpowers “The Finest” inside and outside the ring, finishing things off with a corner cannonball for the pinfall victory.
  • Toni Storm heads to the ring, saying that she had to leave the promotion after losing her title to collect her thoughts. She says that she wants to apologize to Piper Niven, and Piper comes out. Toni says she loves her but has to go for the title in Blackpool with all her might. The exchange ends with Piper headbutting Toni, and the two exchange punches.

  • In our second match, Kassius Ohno has a back and forth with Ligero, trying to keep the high-flyer grounded. After Ligero’s Code Red gets a near fall, Ohno secures a submission win with the Kassius Clutch.
  • After the match, Kassius Ohno proclaims that no one in the locker room knows anything about British Professional Wrestling and that he’s the greatest British wrestler on the planet. Dave Mastiff walks up to Ohno and says that he can prove that he’s not with one match.

  • The third match sees Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith taking on Riddick Moss and Dorian Mak. In the finish, Smith captures Moss in an inside cradle for the victory.
  • A return match in the main event as Iija Dragunov takes on Alexander Wolfe once again in a No DQ match. After a bit of back and forth, Dragunov introduces a kendo stick that Wolfe takes advantage of, chocking his opponent.

  • Chairs and tables are also involved, leading to a finish where Dragunov hits a Death Valley Driver through a table and Torpedo Moscow for the 1-2-3

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