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NXT UK Results (9/17/20): Enter The Heritage Cup

This week, NXT UK returns from its pandemic hiatus for the first time since April. On the last show, Ilja Dragunov won a battle royale to establish himself as the number one contender for Walter’s NXT UK Championship, and the episode starts with the star in the ring.

  • After a brief word from Triple H and HBK, NXT UK General Manager Sid Scala welcomes the audience back before being interrupted by the number one contender. He exclaims that he’s been caged for too long and he’s looking for a fight, which comes int he form of Noam Dar. The two brawl their way into the main event matchup later in the evening.
  • The first contest pits Mark Coffey and Wolfgang against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams in a nontitle match. After a competitive fight, the champs come out on top thanks to their Double Impact finisher. Each duo in the NXT UK tag team scene file out to congratulate the champs and claim their spot in the title contention

  • NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray states that she’s the longest reigning champion to ever hold that gold and that she’ll be putting it up next week against Piper Niven, who is conveniently on hand to counter her statements and initiate another brawl.
  • Isla Dawn takes on Aolfe Valkyrie in the second contest of the evening. Valkyrie comes out on top with a leg drop to the back of the neck on Dawn.

  • The introduction of the NXT UK Heritage Cup includes musings from A Kid, Dave Mastiff, and Noam Dar among others, who all want to make history. The drawing for the tournament bracket will be next week, featuring special guest Pete Dunne.
  • In the main event, Noam Dar takes on Ilja Dragunov. Walter’s Imperium copatriots attempt to distract Ilja during the match, but to no avail. The number 1 contender hits Torpedo Moscow on Dar for the 1-2-3. As Dragunov celebrates, the show ends with WALTER emerging from the back for a staredown.

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