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ROH Wrestling Results (1/13/20): Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham

Aired January 13, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show opens with a recap of Jonathan Gresham’s recent loss to Alex Shelley at Ring of Honor Glory By Honor.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome viewers to the show and preview the card. They discuss the influx of new talent.

The show plays highlights of Rey Horus’ match with Flip Gordon at Ring of Honor Final Battle Fallout. The match is evenly matched early on. Gordon takes control with a stiff kick to the chest while Horus hangs in the tree of woe. An athletic springboard armdrag sends Gordon to the outside and Horus dives onto him. Horus hits a Spanish Fly for a near fall. A Pele kick rocks Horus and a Flip Five rocks Horus. Gordon makes him tap to an STF.

Backstage, PJ Black asks Brian Johnson why he’s mad. Johnson again rejects Black’s offer to work together as teacher and student.

Crowbar vs. Ei Isom (Ring of Honor television exclusive match)

Crowbar says the Ring of Honor locker room is full of “disgusting individuals.” He says he needs to hurt people. Isom says the new generation wants to prove themselves and he’s at the head of that line. Both men shake hands but Crowbar gets a cheap shot in. He grounds Isom, who rallies and suplexes the veteran. Crowbar regains control but a dropkick sends him down. Crowbar hits a slingshot splash after his wife, at ringside, distracts Isom. After throwing Isom into the barricade, Crowbar hits a splash off the barricade. Isom hits Crowbar with a series of strikes and a spinning slam. More strikes drop Crowbar and Isom dives onto Crowbar and his associate at ringside. The associate crotches Isom on the rope and punches him in the face. A hurricanrana gets Crowbar a two count. Isom clotheslines Crowbar. A Brainbuster earns Isom the win.

Winner: Eli Isom

The show transitions to a video of Bully Ray’s attack on Maria Manic at Ring of Honor Final Battle Fallout. Backstage, Ray says they’re in the ECW Arena and Manic tried to put Angelina Love through a table. He says he built that house and Manic was fair game. He criticizes Manic for doing his “stuff” in his house. He calls it disrespectful but Manic wouldn’t know what that is. He tells Manic not to think about tables; otherwise, she should apologize to him.

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