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Sheamus Reveals ‘Terrible’ Creative Idea He Was Pitched, Addresses Retirement Rumors

Sheamus could’ve looked a little more like a “gentleman” than a “Celtic Warrior” if WWE’s original plans for his return went through.

Sheamus returned to WWE right at the turn 0f 2020 on Friday Night SmackDown and according to the 10-year vet in an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport his appearance may have been a little more jaw-dropping than even that “stupid” mohawk he donned previously:

“Mate, I got these notebooks of ideas from creative with like, a small moustache, and suspenders and my hair go over to the side…it looked almost exactly like Jack Gallagher from 205 Live and I said ‘you know, we have a person who looks just like this here, right?’ Man, if I did any of it any of those pictures, I’d just be done! I would have been toast. The amount of slaggings (abuse) I would have gotten.. and that would have just been off my granny! It was just terrible.”

At the very least, Sheamus knew that his time with the Mohawk was done.

“I thought about it and, creatively, myself and a guy I work with called Ray, we just talked about it and it was like [debuting the mohawk] so shocking, you know, and I got that reaction ‘you look stupid’ and stuff and it was a great reaction. It was completely different because we we just hit a roadblock with whatever it was. You can’t go further than that.”

Regarding rumors of his retirement, Sheamus just cited that he became burnt out and needed a change, that change particularly came in his diet and workout regiment. Sheamus began to take up kickboxing with a focus on cardio and a zero dairy, zero gluten diet. Sheamus adds that having a mindset that he has “nothing”  as in forgetting his previous accolades in WWE)  further fuels his passion. Injuring his neck has forced him to think and practice physical therapy when it comes to form and posture.

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