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Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images

Collector’s Corner: National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum – Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin Bobblehead In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum exclusive Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin bobblehead. This bobblehead was designed by FOCO, aka Forever Collectibles, and is limited to 1,997 pieces to commemorate the year the match took place.

Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images

The Packaging

The packaging of this bobblehead set represents that of the FOCO WWE Bobbleheads you’ve more than likely seen reviewed on here before. The box is white with the black and red color scheme. On the front you can see a nice sized image of the Bret Hart & Steve Austin bobblehead while the back as real images of both superstars. Within the box the bobblehead is separated from the display stand, surrounded by styrofoam and packed within plastic bags and foam protectors for extra protection during transit.

The Stand

The display stand for this set is really cool as normally they come on an entrance stage but this set is in a miniature WWE ring. On the side it lists the match, says WrestleMania and lists the date and location of the event. The ropes are made of thin thread so be careful as it is fragile. The ropes are the classic red, white and blue design while the base of the ring has a hole for Bret’s foot to latch into to secure them to the base.

While the display stand looks awesome some collectors were annoyed the WrestleMania logo is the classic logo as well as the ropes not being accurate to the event, but this tells me that these could be part of a newer series commemorating WrestleMania moments. Only the future will tell on that though.  The base of the stand lists what number you received, mine being #118 of 1,997.

The Figurines

The figurines, aka bobbleheads, of Austin and Bret are pretty cool. This is Bret’s very first bobblehead from the FOCO team so it’s nice to see him join the line. Bret is yelling as he holds Austin’s legs in the sharpshooter. You can see it says Hitman on both sides of his tights, which is a great touch. Bret has the screw and bolt on his foot to fasten them to the stand.

Austin on the other hand is screaming in pain as he’s in the sharpshooter. His sculpt looks pretty good even though his eyes are closed, which makes sense for him being in pain. Collector’s were also annoyed there was no blood on Austin’s face like in the actual moment, but being this is officially licensed by WWE themselves they didn’t want blood to be portrayed on it unfortunately. However, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum encourages people to customize this set to really capture the moment accurately.


Overall, this is a really cool and unique bobblehead set. It’s neat to see them in a wrestling moment than just posed on an entrance stage as it stands out from the others. As mentioned these are limited to 1,997 pieces so if you want one be sure to order it as soon as possible. You can order it here if you decide to pick it up.

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