Samoa Joe
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Samoa Joe Injury Update After WWE RAW

Samoa Joe was indeed injured last night on WWE RAW during his tag team match with Kevin Owens.

Joe hit his head hard in the bout as he and KO took on Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy and was therein removed from the match by the official. On camera, Joe was not pleased with the decision, but reports from Dave Meltzer on his latest Wrestling Observer Radio confirms that this was a legitimate injury and decision by the referee. Wade Keller of the PWTorch also confirms via a backstage source that this was not a booked angle for the match.

According to Meltzer, the concern right now by people backstage is that it could be a concussion but no further word on the severity or specificity of Joe’s situation is known at this time. Stay tuned onto WrestleZone here for further updates.