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Photo Credit: PRNewsfoto/Michelob ULTRA

WZ Roundup: John Cena Makes The Rounds, Joey Janela Takes A Seat

It’s a big week for WWE legend and Hollywood star John Cena. Earlier today, his character poster for his debut in the Fast and Furious franchise released. He’ll join series star Vin Diesel and former in-ring rival Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as they all try to come up with new ways to propel cars off of buildings and into the air.

Cena will also be appearing in a Michelob Ultra commercial alongside Jimmy Fallon during the Super Bowl. In this bonus promo video, the star answers a few questions about when he likes to drink the alcohol sitting next to a case of choice brewskies.

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Shifting from a boy scout to a bad boy, Joey Janela woke up this afternoon to a special shoutout from one Chris Hanson, formally of Dateline NBC. The reporter runs through Joey’s past actions with a hefty suspicion. He doesn’t want to know what happens during Spring Break.

AEW has just recently started uploading their wrestler’s entrance themes to YouTube, and Janela’s 80’s themed tune is one of the first. Enjoy it with way better quality than on Dynamite and hope that they can sort out those audio issues at some point in the New Year.

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This time last year, the wrestling world was caught up in the leadup to WrestleMania’s first all-women main event. If you feel the same way many in the WWE Universe do about Charlotte’s Rumble victory, enjoy this clip from that build.