Triple H NXT TakeOver Portland Post-Show Media Call

Triple H spoke with the media about the decision to put Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair on WrestleMania, the Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano rivalry continuing, Cathy Kelley, the Broserweights’ success, rumors of a new OTT partner and much more.

Triple H gets the call underway, says this was the highest-grossing WWE event in Portland since 2008

HHH is asked how much will NXT and RAW crossover with Charlotte / Rhea at Mania?

HHH says this is a moment in time where they look at possibilities for fresh programs. Cites Becky versus Shayna and says they put Charlotte in an epic role. People put too much stock in listening to stories and putting their ‘tin foil hats’ on. Also praises Bianca Belair and says it’s incredible to see how far she and Rhea have come. It’s all going to play out and says it awesome.

HHH also said USA Network had no role in the Rhea vs. Charlotte feud, it was a Vince idea.

HHH on the Ciampa / Gargano feud and long-term storytelling

He says they’ve come across a moment in time and you want to let things play out and see where it goes. You can’t account for injuries, you just have to go with the ebb and flow and see if the stories make sense. Says Vince told him you have to put yourself in the seat of the fans and you can never go wrong

HHH asked about value NXT brings to a potential new OTT platform

He says there’s a lot of speculation about a ‘new platform’ due to Vince’s comments on the 4Q call. That aside, there’s tremendous value in NXT with the main and ancillary shows, TakeOver UK, etc.

HHH is asked about Cathy Kelley’s value and if there’s a replacement in mind.

He says this is what the PC system is made for. People that come through the WWE doors gain great experience, calls Cathy a special person, she has a great IQ and very professional. He says it’s bittersweet to see Cathy leaving and says it took them awhile to talk about her departure due to it being a tough goodbye. She has dreams, but he told her it’s not goodbye, it’s ‘see you down the road.’ HHH says there are other talents that may get the opportunity and they are ‘chomping at the bit’

HHH is asked how much the Broserweights was planned, how much was a ‘happy accident’.

HHH says initially the timing to pair them was right, then actually seeing them together they were blown away. He says Riddle / Dunne are on fire together, better than expected.

HHH is asked about production elements being different, and if it’s a conscious decision.

He says it’s chocolate and vanilla where different crew members might have different interpretations, but yes some is just different to be different. He says he wants NXT UK to be different from lighting and movement, cuts, etc. Sometimes it’s just experimenting and compares it to an incubation chamber. If it works, keep it. If not, move on. It’s an evolution of the product. HHH does want it to look different. There’s lots of wrestling and sports entertainment, so he wants a different vibe


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