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Booker T Comments On Ruthless Aggression Documentary, Top John Cena SmackDown Moments (Video)

Booker T Comments On Ruthless Aggression Documentary

In a clip from his podcast The Hall of Fame, Booker T chatted about his role in the Ruthless Aggression era of WWE and his appearance in the recently debuting documentary on WWE Network. After saying that King Booker ruled the era, he was asked about the roster from that era and what he thought about it. He said that it was a “crazy” time.

The Ruthless Aggression era was such a blur. I was on the road so much during that time, you guys think about it totally different than the way I think about it. When I came into WWE, I was coming from WCW, and it was smooth sailing there. I had guaranteed money. We worked, but the schedule had calmed down a whole lot during that time. When I got to WWE, I didn’t see my fishing boat for leisure time for six years.

He also remembers making lots of money off of toys, as he was included in lots of toy packs during the time. He says he remembers the checks more than the matches because it was such a blur.

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Top John Cena SmackDown Moments

Speaking of Ruthless Aggression, one star that made his start during the era is John Cena. WWE Top 10 has produced a new list of top moments from John’s SmackDown career, and it’s full of the freestlyin’ ways of the Dr. of Thuganomics.