Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Amy Dumas Talks ‘Kayfabe’ On ESPN’s Now Or Never

Amy Dumas, known to WWE fans as Lita, went on ESPN’s Now or Never to discuss Kayfabe, the new show she’s trying to fund on Kickstarter alongside Christy Hemme and Gail Kim. Dumas compares the show to Netflix’s GLOW, saying that she hopes to portray the world of wrestling behind the scenes from a woman’s point of view. Dumas says that, despite the name, Kayfabe won’t reveal the most intimate secrets of the business, including how a match comes together. Instead, they’ll try to tell human stories in a dramatic fashion.

Once the promotion was out of the way, the ESPN hosts had some fun with Lita, reacting with shock about her moving to Mexico to start her wrestling career and asking her which sports celebrities are ready to make the jump to the squared circle.

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