IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/17/20)

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Tag Team Title Match: The North (c) vs. Fallah Bahh and TJP

A brawl breaks out before the bell rings. TJP is knocked out of the ring. Page and Alexander unload on Bahh but their punches have no effect. Bahh tosses Page out of the ring. Bahh and TJP hit poetry in motion. Bahh gets a near fall after a belly-to-belly. TJP tries a springboard but after a distraction by Alexander, Page takes control. Page and Alexander take turns working over TJP. TJP manages to tag in Bahh. Bahh is a house of fire, landing corner hip attacks on Page and Alexander. Bahh gets a near fall after a sit-out powerbomb on Alexander.

After the break, Bahh gets a near fall after a crossbody. Alexander breaks up the pin. TJP and Alexander trade strikes. Alexander German suplexes Bahh. Samoan drop by Bahh. The North hit the double Styles Clash on Bahh. Bahh kicks out. Bahh surprises Page and Alexander with a double clothesline. TJP puts Page in a modified crossface. Bahh puts Alexander in an octopus hold. Alexander escapes the hold and knocks the referee out in the process. Page taps while the referee isn’t looking. TJP thinks the match is over so he releases the hold. Page saves Alexander from eating TJP’s finish. The North hit the Northern Assault on TJP for the win.

Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions, The North!

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