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King Mo ‘Suspended’ By MLW After Attack On Killer Kross; Suspension Momentarily Lifted

“You come at The King, you best not miss.” King Mo didn’t miss last Saturday on MLW Fusion when he cracked a baseball bat across the back of Killer Kross as the show went off the air. This attack signified Mo joining Tom Lawlor’s crew in “Team Filthy” but it didn’t come without repercussions. MLW announced yesterday that Mo was suspended for those actions, but thanks to his corner man Dan Lambert, those sanctions have been temporarily lifted and Mo will still be allowed to compete in an MLW ring. It’s a good thing for fans to as Mo is set to go up against Low Ki in singles action to determine who is MLW’s true Knockout King. The update on Mo is below:

Following a shocking post match attack where King Mo smashed a bat so hard across Killer Kross’ back, it shattered and left Kross with severe back injuries, MLW fined and suspended King Mo.

Of course, things are never that simple when Dan Lambert is involved.

Within minutes of being notified of his fighter’s suspension last night, Dan Lambert, the founder of American Top Team, and his army of attorneys quickly moved to appeal the suspension, resulting in the sanctions temporarily being lifted.

While the status of King Mo’s future is decided in the courts, King Mo will be allowed to continue to fight in MLW – thanks to Lambert’s maverick lawyers.

While the league is not too happy, the much anticipated King of the Knockout bout set for this week’s FUSION remains on as King Mo fights Low Ki.

While Mo will have master fight strategist Dan Lambert in his corner, Low Ki will bring his own back-up in Ross Von Erich just in case Team Filthy or Lambert try any shenanigans.

Who is the true king of knockouts? Tune in this Saturday night and witness Low Ki battle King Mo and find out.

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