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Cauliflower Alley Club 55th Reunion Rescheduled For September; All Award Winners Still Attending

The 55th Cauliflower Alley Club 55th reunion will still commence in 2020. CAC President B. Brian Blair issued the following announcement on the organization’s website:

Dear cherished CAC members, honorees and reunion attendees,

We would like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding during this difficult challenge that all of us face from the Covid-19 virus, and we hope that you, and your families are safe and healthy.

With that said, the CAC has locked in a new set of dates for the 55th reunion and we hope you will be able to attend because Vegas is beautiful in the fall, and we are very fortunate to get these premium dates for the same rate as our spring rates!

The new official dates of the 55th reunion will be September 21, 22 and 23 with discounted room rates for CAC attendees only, which will start September 20 and extend through the September 24.

Therefore, if you currently have your reservations with the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, your reservations will automatically transfer to these dates, according to the way you booked them.

In other words, if you booked your room for Monday–Thursday of April (April 20–24) or Saturday through Friday (April 25–29), these days will stay locked in for September accordingly.

Additionally, you can still cancel your reservation with the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino by calling (888) 402-6278.

However, any new or previously cancelled reservations will need to be booked through the “Passkey” system using our new assigned number at:

We are truly looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible, as this will not only be a great reunion for a great cause, this one of the most sought after times for Vegas travelers, as the weather is generally beautiful!

Thank you so much for your continued support of the CAC, as we continue to assist people from the wrestling Industry, who have fallen on dire financial times.

Healthy wishes from all of our CAC volunteers,

B. Brian Blair


Cauliflower Alley Club

In addition to that, an announcement was made on social media early this morning that all award winners will still be about to attend with the new dates set in place.

“Good evening. We wanted to pass along that every award winner has been contacted, and everyone has said that they are able to attend the new Reunion dates from September 21st to 23rd. Any questions at all in regards to the September dates always feel free to inbox us.”

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