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Cauliflower Alley Club Presents CAULI-CON Tonight: Diamond Dallas Page, Eric Bischoff & More Doing Panels

Tonight will be  showcase of wrestling legends and knowledge as Cauliflower Alley Club presents their first virtual CAULI-CON tonight on FITE TV.

There’s quite the lists of guests ready to do live panels for a good cause to discuss their involvement in and around the squared circle. Guests include Diamond Dallas Page, Eric Bischoff, The Big Show, The Bushwhackers, The Blue Meanie, Gerry Brisco & more.

The following is from Slam Wrestling about the conception of CAULI-CON:

For 55 years, the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC) has lived by its mission statement “to financially assist those in the wrestling industry that have fallen on difficult financial times.” With the outbreak of COVID-19, pro wrestling’s only 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, cancelled its 2020 reunion. For CAC President/CEO B. Brian Blair, fellow members and pro wrestling fans, the news was a huge blow as its annual reunion is the organization’s “number one” means of fundraising.

After successfully co-founding and creating two virtual Wrestling Bookmarks COVID-Con events in response to the pandemic this year and the ongoing weekly Wrestling Bookmarks Live show on Facebook, Kenny Casanova thought the same concept could be applied to the CAC.

Full details of guests and how to watch the event are below:

The first ever virtual fundraiser “CAULI-CON” event will be live on FITE on October 3rd! The event is organized by The Cauliflower Alley Club! CAULI-CON features many familiar faces and award winners from former CAC reunions (as well as other big name wrestlers, historians and authors) all attending this huge fan-friendly live interactive Q&A panel! Names include DDP, Eric Bischoff, The Bushwhackers, Lanny Poffo! Expect and lot of huge surprises!

You can find the schedule below:

6:30 CAC Open – free half hour Preshow

7:00 DDP

7:30 Eric Bischoff

8:00 Bushwackers – John Crowther

8:30 Blue Meanie – Josh Shernoff

9:00 CAC staff – John Arezzi

9:30 Steve Keirn & Jerry Brisco

10:00 Madusa

10:30 The Big Show

11 CAC Mystery guest

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