AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results (4/15/20)

AEW Dynamite Results

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Before the action gets underway, get caught up with this AEW pre-show video:

Tony Schiavone plugs the action for the evening and Chris Jericho cowards the new Watching AEW contest.

Vignettes air for Cabana vs. Archer.

Lance Archer vs. Colt Cabana

Archer wipes out somebody at ringside and then gets right in the ring and wipes out Colt Cabana. Cabana tries to fight back but immediately gets knocked back down. Cabana tries to stick and move but early on, Archer is immovable. Cabana begins to outsmart the big man. On commentary, Chris Jericho touts the ability of Archer and says that he recommended he be signed to the company.

Lance Archer blocks a Flying Apple into a Full Nelson Slam for the count of 2. Later on, Cabana tries some chops but they have no effect. He gets mailed with a short-arm clothesline instead. Lance Archer follows up with some clubbing blows to the chest. In the crowd, some people root for Colt Cabana.

Cabana tries some strikes but they continue to have no effect. Archer nails a slingshot spinning splash. As we head to our first commercial break, it is 100% Lance Archer.

Back from break, Archer misses a splash from the second rope. Now, momentum starts to shift to Cabana who takes down the big man with a headscissors before hitting a successful Flying Apple and getting a 2-count off of a splash. Archer eventually regains control and takes Cabana down with the chokeslam. Archer wins with the Blackout to advance in the TNT Championship tournament!

WINNER: Lance Archer

Next up, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

Prior to and after the commercial, we get high for tonight’s Championship main event. Taz breaks down Hager’s Arm Triangle

Britt Baker vs. Cassandra Golden

Britt Baker dominates and gets a quick victory after stomping on Cassandra’s head.

WINNER: Britt Baker

We get our first episode of the Bubbly Bunch with Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle.

Suge D vs. Sammy Guevara

Largely a showcase for Guevara. Tony and Chris couldn’t figure out how to say “Suge” on commentary. Funny. Guevara wins with the Feast Your Eyes.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara

After the match, Sammy spoke about facing Darby in the tournament and said he was going to beat him up and tried to make an example out of Suge, but Darby came out for the save.

Heading into the commercial we get more predictions for the main event.

Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor

The majority of this match was back and forth. On Commentary, Chris Jericho kept referencing Chuck Taylors inability to finish and lack of aggression. Late in the match, Penelope Ford tried to distract Taylor and after that worked out Cassidy tried to get on the apron and distract Sabian. Following that, Jimmy Havoc comes over and pulls Cassidy off the apron, then spikes him on the ground. With the referee distracted, Ford hit a hurricanrana off the top rope on Taylor! Sabian with a rollup for the win.

WINNER: Kip Sabian

Shawn Spears vs. Justin Law

A quick squash for Shawn Spears, who is getting his momentum back from last week. Outside of a brief hope spot for Justin, it was quick and painless. C4 and it’s over.

WINNER: Shawn Spears

AEW World Title Fight: Jon Moxley vs. Jake Hager

The match started off very methodically with both men trying to gain leverage over the other. shortly after, the match would be taken to the outside. Jon Moxley would hit a figure 4 with Hagar’s legs wrapped around a guardrail on the outside. Jake Hager would eventually get control and begin to Target the leg of Jon Moxley including attacks with a steel chair.

After lots of exchanging, Hager would try his hand at the ankle lock but to no avail. Jon Moxley would try a guillotine but Hager would power back to his feet. Moxley threw a chair at the face of Jake Hager and then hit the Paradigm Shift DDT onto the chair for the victory.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Follow up the action with this official post-show from AEW:

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