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Shane Helms: Every Decision Vince Makes Has ‘A Million Dollar Price Tag’

Shane Helms, fresh from his forced furlough at the hands of WWE, talked to Busted Open Radio about the reaction online to one of the biggest rounds of cuts in the company’s history. Having been around the business, he understands the position Vince McMahon is in and has some faith that he’s taking this just as hard as all the fans. “Leadership has a price. And winning has a price, to quote Michael Jordan… Every decision he makes has a million-dollar price tag.”

Shane says that he couldn’t imagine having to deal with shareholders and the other pressures of running a company as big as WWE. “I understand people going after him, he’s the biggest name, why wouldn’t they? At the same time, I hope fans understand, I don’t think it was him behind a desk being maniacally evil. It’s a tough decision. I don’t think Vince enjoyed making it.”

Shane goes on to credit Vince with the creation of the modern wrestling industry and echoes Seth Rollin’s calls for fans to be positive in a difficult time.

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