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Matt Hardy Recalls Vince McMahon Asking Him If He Could ‘Rap & Act Black’

It seems Matt Hardy has his fair share of Vince McMahon stories to tell if he chooses to do so.

While appearing on his wife, Reby Hardy’s TikTok, TNA Wrestling’s Matt Hardy was asked if he had any John Cena stories he could share. Matt would recall a story of freestyling with Cena during an overseas tour for the company. This led to Vince McMahon asking him if he could “rap and act Black.”

“Whenever John started doing the whole rapper gimmick and it was kind of based off Eminem obviously,” Matt Hardy said. “At that time and whenever we do European tours, we would have long bus rides. Sometimes four, five, or six hours. And a lot of times, there was a group in the back that would do freestyle raps and it would often come down to myself and John and we’d be like the last two…

“Vince [McMahon], at one point, wanted to stick me with Mark Henry. He had an idea, he said, ‘Well, you can rap and act Black, right?’ And he was gonna have me act like Mattitude was something that was oppressed like being a Black person and he had an idea about that, and fortunately, that never materialized. I think Mark would’ve shut it down anyway but I was gonna team with Mark Henry and that was an idea Vince had because he heard about our epic freestyle rants on overseas buses.” [H/T: POST Wrestling]

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What do you make of Matt Hardy’s comments? Are you thankful that this storyline never ended up taking place? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.