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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Ken Shamrock Submits Sami Callihan, Who Attacks Former oVe Partners With A Bat

During tonight’s IMPACT Rebellion, Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan took each other on in an Unsanctioned Match, and it was every bit as chaotic as the name sounds. Throughout the match, the two superstars wrestled their way from the ring into the backstage area before finally settling things in the parking lot. However, it was backstage where things got crazy for Callihan.

Backstage, Shamrock got the upper hand on Callihan and looked ready to finish him off, but oVe quickly came running in to stop things. After beating up Shamrock and holding him up for their leader, however, Callihan thanked them by assaulting oVe with a bat, taking down all three members of the group before the fight was then moved to the parking lot. Once in the parking lot, Shamrock was able to lock Callihan into an ankle lock, knocking Callihan out and forcing him to lose.

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