david arquette
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Super LTD To Distribute ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’ In North America

Self-described boutique film distribution company Super LTD has announced that they’ve picked up the distribution rights to “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”, a film that chronicles the former WCW Champion’s return to the wrestling scene twenty years after his controversial title win. Originally set for a flash debut at SXSW this year, the film instead debuted at Arquette’s home following the event’s cancellation.

Directors David Darg and Price James hard this to say regarding the film’s upcoming wide release: “We couldn’t be more excited to have SUPER LTD as a partner for our film. They understand how to bring films to passionate audiences and there’s no more passionate audiences than wrestling.” Executive Producer and star David Arquette also contributed: “I set out to make this film to stand up for myself, to rewrite the ending to my story, and find a place where I could be proud of my time in the ring. We couldn’t wish for a better company to share this love letter to the wrestling world.”

Super has yet to announce their plans for distribution, but their plans are now in the works. Those interested in seeing this documentary and following Arquette’s recent exploits shouldn’t have to wait long.

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