David Arquette
(Photo: Andrea Kellaway Photography)

New Trailer For ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’ Reveals August Release Date

David Arquette’s run with the WCW Championship is always heralded as one of the death knells of the company, but that was a long time ago. Twenty years in fact and the actor has seen a decline in his fortunes that matches Turner’s wrestling company. However, he has also somehow returned to wrestling, putting in impressive performances on the indie circuit.

The story of this unlikely turn of events forms the backbone of “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”, a documentary feature that impressed at festivals and is set for a release later this month. Traditional theaters stateside are still shuttered, so the movie will premiere in drive-in establishments on August 21 before releasing on digital and on-demand on August 28.

You can see the full trailer for the film embedded below:

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