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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Drew McIntyre Talks Heath Slater’s Release, Jinder Mahal’s Comeback

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre and current WWE Champion recently spoke with Metro regarding a handful of topics. In the interview, he spoke about Heath Slater’s release, and Jinder Mahal making a comeback as well. Check out below for the highlights:

On Heath Slater getting released:

Heath’s already got a game plan he’s forming, I’m giving him advice on what to do. He’s gonna really get to show the world what he’s capable of. There’s no reason why he’s not gonna take over the world, be brought back to WWE and get that opportunity.

On Jinder Mahal’s comeback to WWE:

‘I don’t know if the fans would necessarily accept it right away,’ Jinder and I have that legitimate, real story.

He just has to get a bit of a run going, build up some steam and when the time’s right, come together. Aside from what people saw on television, besides the fact he won the title before me and everyone kind of crapped on it, then I won the title and everybody kinda praised it.

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