IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/12/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results IMPACT Wrestling Results

May 12, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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IMPACT Championship #1 Contenders Tournament: Madman Fulton w/oVe vs. Hernandez

Fulton and Hernandez trade headlocks. Fulton runs over Hernandez with a shoulder block. Hernandez headbutts Fulton. Fulton superplexes Hernandez. Fulton rolls through and hits a release suplex. Splash by Fulton. Hernandez kicks out. Fulton works over Hernandez. Fulton misses a diving headbutt. Hernandez fires up and lands a senton. Hernandez spinebusters Fulton. Dave puts Fulton’s foot on the rope. Hernandez sets up a dive but the Crist brothers stand in his way. Hernandez takes out both brothers. Hernandez Border Tosses Jake into Fulton. Fulton kicks out. Hernandez hits a splash off the top for the win. 

Winner- Hernandez

Backstage, Michael Elgin says he is going to win this tournament even though he shouldn’t have to prove himself. Elgin has proven he is the best. 

Backstage, Fulton goes nuts because he lost the match. Jake tries to calm him down. Crazzy Steve walks in calls them all sheep. Jake offers Dave up to fight Steve. Steve says you can’t beat Crazzy.

Kylie Rae vs. Tasha Steelz

Rae takes down Steelz with a shoulder block. A leapfrog exchange leads to Rae blasting Steelz with a dropkick. Rae walks right into a flapjack on the top turnbuckle. Steelz lands a few short-arm clotheslines.  Steelz puts Rae in a sleeper. Rae drives Steelz into the corner to break the hold. Rae fires up. Rae hits the Kylie Special. Rae puts Steelz in the STF but Steelz gets to the bottom rope. Steelz catches Steelz with a back elbow. Steelz gets a near fall after a crossbody. Rae locks in the STF. Steelz taps out. 

Winner- Kylie Rae

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