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The Revival Receives Cease & Desist Over Usage Of ‘The Revolt’

According to a recent report from PWInsider, the former WWE superstars The Revival have recently received a cease & desist order over their recent attempts to trademark the phrase “Fear the Revolt.”

The reason for the cease & desist, according to a letter sent to The Revival’s attorney, is because Caleb Konley (Mason Burnett) and Zane Riley (Matthew Riley) have been using the name “The Revolt” as part of their team for the last five years across the independent wrestling scene. A big part of the reason for the cease & desist stems from the fact that all four superstars used to work in the same circles in the Carolinas.

According to the letter sent to The Revival’s attorney, the fact that The Revolt are already well-known in their circuit and have plenty of merch and accolades. “The Revolt are well-known in the independent professional wrestling circuit and are the current PWX World Tag Team Champions.   Mr. Burnett and Mr. Riley sell a range of Revolt-branded merchandise including t-shirts, hats, and DVDs, as shown in Exhibit B. The Revolt has been their passion for years and they have literally put their blood and sweat into building The Revolt brand and connecting with their fans.”

Whether or not anything comes from this will be up to how the duo formerly known as The Revival handle things, although we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as the story progresses.

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