Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

ESPN ‘The Last Dance’ Showcases WCW & Sandman Makes A Cameo

The sports world is abuzz about the final episodes of ESPN’s The Last Dance as pro wrestling found its way to be on the basketball court. Wrestling collided with the Chicago Bulls in one unique way back in June of 1998 as Dennis Rodman made waves in WCW in building towards his Bash At The Beach tag bout against Karl Malone who happened to his very rival in the NBA Finals. Rodman’s involvement was covered last night during the docuseries as he “took a detour” during Game 3 of the Finals to make a Nitro appearance. Head coach Phil Jackson stated to the press that he didn’t know where he was as Michael Jordan and The Bulls got ready for Game 3.

This topic wasn’t the only way wrestling found it’s way on screen last night. After The Bulls ended up defeating The Utah Jazz in Game 6 of The Finals, who was there to celebrate but ECW’s The Sandman. No Metallica was playing and zero kendo sticks made an appearance but Rachael Ellering shared the following screenshot of the ECW original in the background of The Bulls on Twitter:

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