Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Mark Madden: WCW ‘Coordinated’ Rodman/Malone Scuffle During NBA Finals

As a guest on the most recent episode of Pat McAfee’s sports talk show, Mark Madden had plenty to say about WCW’s integration with the NBA twenty years ago. Dennis Rodman’s career outside of basketball as a member of the NWO made nostalgic headlines recently as part of the airing of The Last Dance on ESPN. Part of that was his involvement in several matches, including a famous tussle taming with Hulk Hogan against Karl Malone and DDP. According to Madden, WCW had the two ballers promote the PPV during the NBA finals by getting into a “scuffle” during Game 6.

I wasn’t a part of the meetings, but they said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you two during the final, yadda yadda?” Malone was a mark and Rodman wanted attention and money so they did it.

McAfee seems flabbergasted at the revelations, but Madden freely admits it and points to a tweet by Eric Bischoff that could be considered an additional confirmation. If wrestling companies of yesteryear were willing to potentially ruin the finals of other sports in that age, it makes you wonder what kind of carney tricks are pulled in today’s Internet age and how many decades it will take to uncover them.

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