WWE NXT The Great American Bash Results

WWE NXT The Great American Bash Night 2 Results (7/8/20)

WWE NXT Results

July 8, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Street Fight: Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae

Before LeRae can walk down the ramp Yim attacks her from behind. Yim tosses LeRae into the ring. Yim tosses a bunch of weapons into the ring. LeRae hits Yim with a kendo stick. Yim blocks LeRae’s last kendo stick strike. Yim pushes LeRae down to the mat. Yim tattoos LeRae with the kendo stick. Yim pulls a table from under the ring. LeRae surprises Yim with a dropkick. Yim almost hits a dragon suplex through a table. LeRae fights out of it. Yim gets a near fall after a roll-up. LeRae sends Yim into the ring post. LeRae does it again for good measure. LeRae tries to do it again, but Yim reverses it and sends LeRae into the ring post. Yim sends LeRae into the crowd. Yim hits LeRae with a dinner tray. LeRae tosses everything she can find on a small catering table at Yim. LeRae sets up a table.

LeRae sprays Yim with a fire extinguisher. LeRae and Yim fight onto a platform. LeRae attempts a suplex off the platform. Yim blocks it. Yim dropkicks LeRae off the platform. LeRae crashes through the table below. Yim drags LeRae back to the ring. Yim steps on LeRae’s head. Yim picks up the kendo stick and lands a flurry of strikes. Yim charges in and runs right into a drop toe hold onto a chair. Yim ends up sitting in the same chair. LeRae knocks Yim on her back after a sic kick. Yim kicks out. LeRae drives a chair into Yim’s injured ribs. LeRae pulls a pile of chairs out from under the ring. LeRae crates a sea of chairs in the ring. Yim valiantly tries to fight back. LeRae cuts Yim off with multiple shots from a trash can lid to Yim’s midsection. LeRae drapes a table on the top rope. Yim reverses LeRae’s suplex attempt with one of her own. LeRae gets to her feet first. LeRae hits a step-up enziguri. Yim responds with a big Brooklyn boot. Both women are down. Yim fires off a series of elbows.

Yim clotheslines LeRae into the corner. Yim lights LeRae up with a knife-edged chop. As LeRae sways in the corner, Yim places a trash can on Yim’s head. Yim boots the trash can. LeRae drops in the corner. Yim flattens the trash can covered LeRae with a senton in the corner. LeRae kicks out. Yim puts on a pair of brass knucks. Yim tries to punch LeRae but LeRae blocks it with a chair. LeRae hits Yim with a chair over and over again. LeRae climbs on the table she previously set up on the top rope. Yim cuts LeRae off. Yim and LeRae fight on the elevated table. LeRae rests the knucks from Yim. LeRae clocks Yim with the knucks. LeRae hits a swinging neck breaker off the table onto a pile of steel chairs. LeRae drapes her arm on Yim for the three count.

Winner- Candice LeRae


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