Brian Cage Taz FTW

Taz Shows His ‘FTW Flex’ In Comparison To Brian Cage, MLW Unveils COVID-19 Facemasks

Taz Shows His ‘FTW Flex’ In Comparison To Brian Cage

The similarities between Brian Cage and Taz doesn’t stop at attitude. Physical presence certainly was a part of the package back in Taz’s days as the Human Suplex Machine and you can bet that it with the current Machine in Cage.  Taz went on social media to show such similarities between he and his newly crowned FTW Champion, but does say that he’s a tad envious of Brian’s build.

“The old Champ wishes he had the NEW Champ’s physique when he was the Champ……Champ!”

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MLW Unveils COVID-19 Facemasks

Out of all the major American wrestling promotions, MLW by all accounts has been the most precautionary during the COVID-19 pandemic and now they make it really known with a series of new facemasks to protect others from your droplets of invasion. They feature LA Park, CONTRA, Injustice and the MLW logo:

Fight the spread of germs and help combat COVID-19 by wearing MLW’s new line of face mask covers available at, including: