The Blue Meanie

Blue Meanie To Provide ‘Alternative Commentary’ For SummerSlam On FITE TV, Mind Of The Meanie Gets A Paetron Page

Yesterday evening, The Blue Meanie announced on his Mind Of The Meanie YouTube channel that he’ll be expanding his podcast brand in several ways.

The first announcement happened to be that The Mind Of Meanie podcast, which is a part of MLW Radio Network, launched a Paetron page for its fans which includes two low-priced tier prices for some unique content while the second announcement revealed that he along with his co-host Josh Shernoff will being broadcasting an alternative commentary for this year’s WWE SummerSlam. The latter will be hosted on FITE TV.

Meanie and Shernoff have been very busy over at Camp Blue as the two not only have the podcast running, but began airing the show on YouTube with yesterday’s broadcast being co-hosted by comedian Taylor Williamson and Shernoff’s brother Fred. In addition to that, Fred’s “Meanie Toons” which features animated stories of Blue Meanie’s wrestling days has reached over 100,000 views across all platforms.

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